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Photo Artist Lewis Mann Engaged By

August 28th, 2013

Photo Artist Lewis Mann Engaged By has solicited Fine Arts America member Lewis Mann, a photography enthusiast from Alachua, Florida to be a contributing author to its website, Facebook page and electronic Newsletter. is funded by the PhotoImaging Information Council and sponsored by major photo industry players like Nikon and Canon.

The PhotoImaging Information Council (PIC) is a US-based organization created by the PMDA (PhotoImaging Manufacturers & Distributors Association) and PMAI (Photo Marketing Association International) with the aim of promoting photography to the general public.

PIC places most of its emphasis on providing a first-class website,, that offers photo tips and techniques, insights from celebrity photographers, contests, new product releases and participative projects. Its objective is to encourage "increased consumer involvement with photography and digital imaging at all levels of skill."


City Of Alachua, Florida Brochure Includes 3 Images By Lewis Mann

June 7th, 2013

City Of Alachua, Florida Brochure Includes 3 Images By Lewis Mann

ALACHUA, FLORIDA - Lewis Mann, a digital photographic artist announced today that the City of Alachua, Florida included three of his images in their latest "Welcome" brochure. This 7-page booklet will be made available to all who visit the City's soon to be open Visitor Center.

The cover photo is a 9-exposure HDR image Lewis shot on Main Street shortly after sunset at near Christmas, 2012. Inside is his image of the Santa Fe River at the end of the Golden Hour. In addition, an image Lewis created of City Hall is featured.

For further information contact the City of Alachua at (386)418-6100 or visit

The Garden Gallery Hosts Images By Lewis Mann

April 20th, 2013

The Garden Gallery Hosts Images By Lewis Mann

The Garden Gallery, a specialty gift store in Alachua, Florida now has five images on display by local artist Lewis Mann. Located on Main Street, The Garden Gallery offers a collection of fine art, crafts and other gift ideas mainly from local artists and artisans.

Lewis has been creating HDR (High Dynamic Range) digital images of Alachua and the surrounding rural communities since 2011. But, that is not when he started making photographs.

In 1960 his parents gave him a Polaroid camera with black & white film. He began shooting everything from fruit in a bowl to winter apple orchard landscapes. Several years later he was a staff photographer and then Photo editor of the Hurricane, the University of Miami student Newspaper. He also contributed to the University yearbook.

After college he raised a family while working in the financial services industry. Now retired Lewis has rekindled his love for photography.

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